Waivers (Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program)



Option A -Using HCR Spordle to sign waivers

Please follow the instructions below to help you sign these on HCR Spordle.  The diagrams below are the Desktop computer version of Spordle, but the Mobile version looks similar.

Step 1)  Log into the Hockey Canada Registry Spordle Website with your username and password.


Step 2)  After logging in, you will likely see something similar. 

(You may see another Organization, like Hamilton Huskies or Hamilton Steel, instead of HMHIP.   

Click the VIEW PAGE button.  This is because your child's Primary Organization is that association - it's based on Residential Address)

Click the TO DO option on the left side.

Step 2) You may see Missing Required Information.  Click this.

Step 3)  You may see Mandatory Waivers that Need to be signed.  Click SIGN NOW

Step 4)  Sign all the waivers that appear.  Be sure to click SAVE.