FAQS (Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program)



Do I have to complete the Parent Respect in Sport program every year?

No, you only need to complete this program once. However, if you register a new child with an older sibling for whom you completed the RIS program, you must access your RIS Profile and add the new child to your profile.

Why can’t a child be registered at more than one Hockey Association?

The Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario, our governing body, states in their Rules and Regulations Handbook: “A player shall not be registered with more than 1 team in a single season, with the only exception being Select hockey. Violations of this provision will result in the player's immediate suspension until they have chosen one Association.” Page 120, under Player Eligibility, Item 12.4.

How do you determine what group my child is in?

All players are evaluated at the beginning and end of the season. All players are placed where the program will be best for them.

My child should be playing U9, and I don’t want to sign him/her up in your League. What can I do?

We follow the Alliance Handbook, page 123, 16.0.1 (it is not a rule). U9 is under 8 years of age as of December 31 of the current hockey season. WE WILL NOT MOVE A CHILD UP FOR CONVENIENCE PURPOSES; THEY MUST MEET OUR EVALUATION CRITERIA.

What are the age groups? 

Ages 4-8 years old.

What days/times does the program run? 

Saturdays and Sundays between 8am-1pm from early Oct to March. The schedules rotate so all players can experience the allocated ice slots.  Super Saturday varies each season in March. 

How often will my child be instructed by Velenosi Professional Instructors?

All players will have professional skating instructors for the majority of the season along with their coaches.

What arena does the program run out of?

Our program occurs at the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre on Mountain Brow Blvd., commonly called “The Quad Pad,” and Chedoke Arena, commonly called “The Twin Pad.”

What if my child does not like the program? 

You may withdraw your child. Please contact the Registrar and the Treasurer. Refunds are pro-rated, and your jersey and socks must be returned.

When will the Initiation players start to play games?

The Initiation teams will start to play games in late November.

My child is three years old. Can he/she play? 

We may make exceptions for children who turn four by December 31 of the current season. Our instructors would have to evaluate the child.

I have some concerns about the program; what should I do? 

Please reach out to us by email, and someone will reply within 48 hours.

Can my child play with a friend's child so we can carpool? 

We meet requests where possible, but we can't promise anything. If the child you'd like to be with is at a different skating level than your child, we won't be able to grant the request.

I want to be a coach or assistant, but I've never played Organized Hockey. Can I still coach or volunteer?

Yes, you can. However, you must be a confident skater with good hockey knowledge to demonstrate basic skills during practice and explain the rules and strategies to our players.  Please note that in our U5 and U7 programs, you will be helping and teaching many of our players the basics of skating.

I am not a good skater; can I be a Trainer instead?

Yes, however, you need to be comfortable walking on the ice to attend to injured players, and therefore, you require good balance.