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Information Brochure

The HMHIP (Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program) is designed for players aged 4 through 7. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of skating to all new players and the basic hockey skills to all our young players. Click here to view a brochure that provides a thorough overview of our program.


Check out our new video! The HMHIP program focuses on skating skills but we also teach basic hockey skills as skating skills progress. Our video shows a cross-section of our players three months into our season. The newest players have learned to move freely about the ice – even attempting to skate backwards! The higher level players are skating forwards and backwards, with a puck, and are mastering stops and starts. Click here to view the video.


See Superman vs. Ironman during the second intermission of the Bulldogs game.  Originally broadcast live on Sportsnet on February 22, 2020!